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Last official estimated of Westfield village (Marquette County**, Wisconsin state) was 1,225 (year 2014)[1]. This was 0% of total US and 0.02% of total Wisconsin state Area of Westfield village is 1.6 mi² (=4.1 km²)[6], in this year density was 768.03 p/mi². If growth rate would be same as in period 2010-2014 (-0.58%/yr), Westfield village in 2018 would be 1,197*.


Historical of Westfield village for period 1880-2014:

Westfield village on map

Estimated for 2014[1]. Click on flag to hide it.


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Annual growth rate

[1880-1890] +5.86 %/yr
[1890-1910] +1.9 %/yr
[1910-1920] +1.64 %/yr
[1920-1930] -1.09 %/yr
[1930-1940] +1.02 %/yr
[1940-1950] +0.95 %/yr
[1950-1960] -0.17 %/yr
[1960-1970] -0.39 %/yr
[1970-1980] +1.57 %/yr
[1980-1990] +0.9 %/yr
[1990-2000] +0.68 %/yr
[2000-2005] +0.91 %/yr
[2005-2010] -0.17 %/yr
[2010-2014] -0.58 %/yr


Settlements near Westfield village

Wautoma city 16.1 mi, 38°
Adams city 16.8 mi, 286°
Montello city 10.1 mi, 128°
Princeton city 18.4 mi, 96°
Friendship village 17.4 mi, 290°
Oxford village 8.1 mi, 206°
Endeavor village 11.7 mi, 174°
Coloma village 10.8 mi, 349°
Neshkoro village 14.8 mi, 68°
Hancock village 17.1 mi, 356°

Sources, notices

*Calculated by from last known growth rate, not official data.

**Some cities are placed on more than one county. Only 1 county is shown.

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[7] , PDF, large files! >100 Mb

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